By nature, Kiwanis International is a social organization built upon thousands of weekly face-to-face interactions. It’s also important for Kiwanis clubs to develop relationships online. Social media has changed the way people consume and share information. Every club that hopes to have an influence and make an impact in its community needs an active online presence. Kiwanis clubs that master social media are gaining influence, establishing trust and becoming leaders in their communities.

As you navigate the world of social media, it’s important to understand when and how to respond to posts on your club’s channels. Check out our Guidelines for Social Media Responses to learn more.

When considering social media for your club, you don’t have to tackle every channel out there. Leverage your membership: find out which social media platforms they are most active on. If someone is especially active on a particular channel, encourage them to help you set up the channel and manage it following the appropriate guidelines.

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