It’s the mobile social network. You are limited to 280 characters per tweet, but with a basic mobile phone, you can achieve deep levels of interactivity with some of the most influential people in your community.

For the Kiwanis member:

  • Tweet as an individual
  • Be conversational – have personality
  • Follow Kiwanis International and other Kiwanis accounts on Twitter
    • You can find a list of other Kiwanis clubs on Twitter by checking Kiwanis’ list
  • Share links
  • Share photos of Kiwanis activities
  • Retweet news and content from other Kiwanis Twitter accounts

For the Kiwanis club:

  • Establish a club Twitter account
  • Assign someone in your club as your club’s Twitter manager
  • Follow Kiwanis International and other Kiwanis accounts on Twitter
    • You can tweet at Kiwanis International to get added to Kiwanis’ list
  • Follow those who follow you (if you know or are familiar with the person or organization)
  • Write tweets that talk about your club and its mission
  • Give as much information about your club and its mission as you can
  • Share content from your club’s website
  • Share good news related to your mission
  • Share insights that tie your club to current events
  • Share content that’s not specifically about your club but is still inspiring and useful to your audience
  • Retweet your community partners’ and Kiwanis International partners’ tweets
  • Develop a key network of advocates (club members, local leaders, journalists, partners, influential people in your community) to follow
  • Tweet photos and links, tell your club’s story
  • Tweet often, 3 times per day on average: The “lifetime” of a tweet is about 5 minutes 

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