Club president

Your Kiwanis club elected you as president because you have the quality of character to lead. As president, you’ll ensure your club functions effectively. You’ll lead your club in projects that benefit your community. You’ll develop initiatives to increase club membership. Above all, you’re charged with developing leaders who’ll fulfill the Kiwanis mission at the club level and beyond. Prepare well, and you’ll be a leader who inspires, counsels and steers your club in the directions of growth and service.

Club presidents are required to complete Club Leadership Education in order to:

  • Understand the basics of running a club
  • Become a more enlightened leader in your club
  • Enhance your communication skills
  • Learn about Kiwanis programs and procedures

Club presidents have two options to complete this training:

  • Classroom education

    Each district offers courses for club presidents. Visit your district website for more information about events in your area. Some districts also provide CLE at district conventions.

  • Online training

    Kiwanis has designed a self-paced online experience that gives you flexibility to learn when you have time. You can complete the training all at once or in multiple visits to the site.

As club president, you also serve on your club’s board of directors. Prepare for this role by also completing club leadership education for board members available as a self-paced online experience. So that everyone on the board knows what to expect, encourage all board members to complete the training as well.

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