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As the leader, it’s your job to make sure everyone is working toward the same goal. That involves a lot of communication. The way we communicate is constantly changing, but how to communicate effectively isn’t. Explore the methods of persuasive communication so you get buy in on your vision and plan. When you’re done with this module, communicating through public speaking or digital channels will come naturally.


Communication Styles

Presented by Christy Pruitt-Haynes

Many people believe that language is the only barrier to effective communication, but the truth is, two people can hear the same words and interpret them in very different ways. Whether it’s your spouse, your boss or your direct reports, there are always people you can communicate with more easily. Learn why that is — and use that information to improve challenging relationships.

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Communication with Confidence

Presented by Kristie Kennedy

Anyone can hold a microphone, dress in appealing attire and deliver a message. The question is: Can you hook and hold an audience from beginning to end and leave them salivating for more? This is what separates the good from the great! Learn the keys to overcoming confidence killers such as anxiety, timidness and imposter syndrome.


Communication and empathy

Presented by Anita Silva

Learn simple ways to communicate more efficiently by being empathic with your team. You’ll come to the realization that empathy is not agreement, but a way of understanding the people you lead. Harness that understanding to build stronger relationships and a stronger team.

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Communicating in the Digital Age

Presented by Dr. Cassandra LeClair

Technology plays an increasingly important role in our society. Explore your personal relationship with technology and your preferences for digital communication. Learn the barriers that prevent effective digital communication and the boundaries you need to know.

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We all face moments when we question whether our behavior is truly appropriate. Dig deep into the elements of ethical communication and see examples across various contexts. Explore ways to recognize areas for personal improvement and how to handle a situation where someone else crosses a line.


Crisis Communication

Presented by Heather McClellan

When there is a crisis, it is your job to step up and be a strong leader. Your team will look to you for honest answers and reassurance. Even when it’s impossible to know what’s going to happen, there are effective ways to create calm and confidence among your people and in yourself.

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Active Listening

Presented by Heather McClellan

Create more trust in your team by actively listening. Your team will enjoy more rapport, be more effective and feel less likely to burn out from mental or emotional strain. Learn the components of active listening and practice it to see what it feels like when others are talking.

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