Frequently asked questions about Kiwanis Amplify


How is Kiwanis Amplify different from other Kiwanis training?

Kiwanis Amplify is different in several ways. For example, it's open to all members of the organization. No formal leadership position is required to participate.  

Other Kiwanis training courses focus on education for positional leaders (president, secretary lieutenant governor, etc.). Additionally, Kiwanis education is specific to Kiwanis International; while some of the taught skills are certainly transferable, the aim of the education is tailored to the Kiwanis experience.

By contrast, Kiwanis Amplify will provide education and training for skills that participants can use as they lead in a community or professional atmosphere, as well as in a club. We hope participants can use what they learn to be well-rounded leaders.

Who is leading the modules?

Content experts have been hired to create the content for this program. They are professional speakers, educators, businesspeople, entrepreneurs and coaches from around the world who specialize in the topics they will be sharing.   

When does registration open?

Registration for Kiwanis Amplify is open!

Can I recommend someone to participate in Kiwanis Amplify?

Yes! You can fill out a recommendation form. Anyone you recommend will be contacted directly by the Kiwanis International team. We will let them know that they were recommended by you, and we will provide them with more information about the program and how to register once registration opens.

Does a person need a recommendation in order to register?

No. Anyone who wants to improve their leadership skills can register.

What is the schedule for Kiwanis Amplify?

There is no set schedule. You work through the curriculum at your own pace when it is convenient for you.

How long will it take to complete each module?

We estimate it will take from two to four hours to complete each module. Each module consists of seven videos, ranging from five to 25 minutes in length. There are supplemental materials such as worksheets, activities and reflection questions for each video to help you apply what you have learned.

Will Kiwanis Amplify be available in languages other than English?

Kiwanis Amplify will only be available in English. We expect that all members will be able to benefit from Kiwanis Amplify soon.

Are Key Club and CKI members able to participate in this program?

The Global Leadership Certification Program was specifically created for student leaders. We encourage all SLP members to take part in that program. Graduating CKI members who intend to join Kiwanis are welcome to participate in Kiwanis Amplify.

Is there a maximum capacity for Kiwanis Amplify?

No. There is room for everybody.  

Will I have the opportunity to meet other Kiwanians by participating in Kiwanis Amplify?

Yes! Each participant will be placed into a cohort or group of about 50 participants from all over the world. Each cohort will have a discussion board where you can talk through each week’s curriculum, discuss how you hope to use what you are learning and form relationships with Kiwanians you might not otherwise have had the chance to meet. There will be a capstone experience at the end of the program.

What is the “capstone experience” at the Kiwanis International convention?

The online learning experience includes discussion boards and other digital interactions. The capstone experience will be a time for Kiwanis Amplify participants to complete interactive activities in person with their cohorts. A virtual version of the capstone experience will be provided for anyone unable to travel to the Kiwanis International convention.

How will those who successfully complete Kiwanis Amplify be recognized?

Kiwanis International staff will monitor the progress of all participants to ensure each aspect of the program is completed fully. Once a participant has completed all portions of the program, a certificate of completion will be issued. Participants will receive a virtual badge that can be displayed in email signature lines and digital resumes.

If I want to share information about Kiwanis Amplify with others in my club, division or district, where can I find those materials?

All information, promotional materials and template communications can be found at Look for the box that says, “Promote Kiwanis Amplify.”  

How will this program be assessed?

All participants will be assigned a pre- and post-test to assess their knowledge around each of the topics. This will help us determine whether the program’s learning outcomes are being achieved and identify any changes or improvements for future years. We will also conduct a satisfaction survey. We want to ensure that participants are connecting with the content, the methodology and the presenters.

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