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To achieve your goals, you need to convince someone to do something. Learn how to build your brand and market your product to outsiders. Discover the reasons to network in person and through social media. Select the key performance indicators that matter and discover the methods used to track the data.

Marketing 101

Presented by Carrie Phair

Marketing 101 is just what it sounds — the basics for anyone new to marketing or not even sure what it means. This is a foundational course to become familiar with the concept. Learn the purpose of marketing, the different forms it can take and how you can apply it across your individual needs.

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Social Media Basics

Presented by Nick Schreck

We're familiar with social media from a personal standpoint because we use it every day. But managing a social media account for an organization is different from posting to your personal account. Make sure you understand brand voice, algorithm operations, platform differences and targeted audiences.

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Social Media Analytics

Presented by Nick Schreck

Reviewing an account’s analytics can provide insights and real-time information on how people are interacting with a brand’s content. Great communicators use that data to make decisions that improve performance and hike conversion rates. But what’s important — and what just gives an ego boost? Discover the performance indicators that matter most.

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Swiping Right on your Brand: Building a Head-Turning Online Presence

Presented by Lauren Beane

They say your personal brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. In today’s digital world, it’s increasingly difficult to showcase your true brand on social media and stand out. How you show up online is crucial to your success.

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Community-Based Social Marketing and Strategic Communications

Presented by Rebecca Sanborn Stone

You want the biggest return on your investment when marketing your organization, product or event on social media. Often, the best results don’t come from advertising to everybody. Instead focus on just a few. It may seem counterintuitive, but the difference is substantial. Identifying a target audience is imperative.

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The Power of the Perfect Pitch


Pitching is life, says Precious Williams, who knows a thing or two about crafting the perfect pitch. She’s been on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” among other outlets such as CNN, Forbes Magazine and the Wall Street Journal. Her philosophy of an effective pitch revolves around creating strategic and personalized communications and presentations that cut through the clutter, and she’ll help you develop skills to do the same.


Meeting New People and Enjoying it

Presented by Caroline Gutman

We all know the importance of networking. But for many of us, it doesn’t come naturally. Maybe a mind shift is all you need — meeting new people has shown to have physiological and psychological benefits. Next time you’re doing a networking event, be prepared to go into the three levels of “why” and leave others with a positive impression.

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