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Self Care


As the leader, it’s your job to stay focused on the goals. If you get distracted, your team will lose focus. Learn the techniques that will help you balance your mental and physical wellbeing with the task at hand.


Five-Minute Self Care

Presented by Kristie Kennedy

Since deadlines are ever present, goal-driven individuals often overlook self-care. However, the undeniable benefits of having a strong mind, body and spirit are well worth the investment. Your internal success rests on the ladder of health and wellness. Change begins with choice, and your decision holds the power to create a brand new world.

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Avoid Burnout and Goal Fatigue

Presented by Dr. Jessica Houston

It’s easy to get burned out. But practicing a few self-care techniques can help leaders cope with the stressors of being in charge. The first step to avoiding burnout is understanding what leads to it. Once you understand the triggers, you’ll be able to manage your energy to keep your physical, emotional and mental well-being intact.

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How to Stand Up for Yourself

Presented by Caroline Gutman

Sometimes it’s necessary to stand up for yourself. You may need to set the record straight or correct a misrepresentation of facts. But you need to do it at the right time, the right place and in the right manner or you risk losing respect and credibility. Learn the skills to keep your cool, modulating your voice and keeping eye contact.

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Self-Worth and Stepping into Your Power

Presented by Lavar Thomas

There are times when our inner negative conversation takes over and leads us to overfocus on our setbacks instead of our value. Without regaining control over our thoughts and internal narrative, we can quickly become our own villain. To step into our power, we must recognize our value and then decide to embrace our uniqueness and navigate our leadership journey as our authentic selves.

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Imposter Syndrome

Presented by Yasmina Hedhli

If you’ve chalked up your success to good luck, felt inadequate at work or feared being exposed as a fraud, you’ve experienced imposter syndrome. You are not alone. Up to 70% of people experience it. Explore a few strategies to manage imposter syndrome and learn how to contribute to a culture that lessens its likelihood and impact.

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Community as Medicine

Presented by Dr. Elizabeth Markle

Social isolation is as bad for your health as smoking approximately 15 cigarettes per day. While most of us go to school to learn math and writing, almost no one gets an education in relating to others or building supportive, connected communities. Explore some techniques for nurturing, nourishing and growing connections and relationships.

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Stop Escaping and Start Living

Presented by Glenda Hoon Russell

The status quo distracts us with its shiny promises of temporary happiness, which leave us feeling empty. We’re so busy keeping up with someone else’s timeline and dream that we are left exhausted. And since we naturally want to feel good, we continue to chase temporary happiness. Use these three straightforward tools to question, discover and create a life on your terms.

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