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Kiwanis Policies and Procedure Training

Has your club completed its annual mandatory training on Kiwanis Youth Policies and Procedures? If so, thank you! You are doing your part to protect the kids we serve.

If your club still needs to conduct its training for the 2020-21 year, we have resources to help. Kiwanis clubs can host in-person or virtual training for all members by:

We also have a new resource! Register now for “Training Tuesdays: Youth Protection Policies and Practices Club Overview” webinars with Kiwanis International Youth Protection Specialist Melissa McMann. 

After training is completed for the 2020-21 Kiwanis year, the club secretary should update the Secretary Dashboard by checking the box “Our club has received youth protection guideline training.” 

For French-speaking countries, click here for a translation. 

Kiwanis has other recorded online seminars available to educate leaders and members on important youth protection topics and practices.

Armatus/Praesidium abuse prevention training

Kiwanis International partners with global abuse prevention educator Praesidium Inc. to conduct youth protection and child abuse prevention courses. Praesidium Inc. is a multi-disciplinary organization that has spent over 25 years researching child sexual abuse and developing prevention training, programs and services.

SLP advisors, district administrators, risk managers and youth protection managers have been pre-enrolled in the Praesidium eLearning portal. The courses cover topics ranging from sexual abuse prevention to a volunteer's duty to report abuse. These youth serving positions are required to complete five to six courses designated by their role.

Chaperones for SLP events are required to complete three courses. If a chaperone is not a Kiwanis member, he or she will need to have a profile created to complete the training. Email to have the profile created.

Kiwanis members who are not advisors but want to complete courses may log on to the Membership update center, Kiwanis Connect member portal and click the “Create Praesidium account” hyperlink. *Note: The hyperlink will disappear once an account has been created.

Once courses are completed, the member can print his or her certificate by clicking on the orange button on the learning home page. However, it does not need to be submitted to Kiwanis International. We automatically receive results. The training is good for two years.

I haven’t received the email from Armatus/Praesidium with my login information. What should I do?

If you are pre-enrolled as an SLP advisor or district administrator, email Praesidium at, call 1-800-743-6354 for your login credentials or email with your full name, email and the name of the Service Leadership Program club you support. Your login information will be re-sent.

How long do I have to complete the youth protection training modules?

Please complete them as soon as possible. Currently, we do not have a due date. However, if you are acting as an SLP advisor or district administrator, completion of all assigned training modules is required.

As an SLP advisor, do I need to take the Praesidium Youth Protection training if I completed Youth Protection Guidelines training with my club?

Yes. The new Praesidium Youth Protection training covers topics such as “Abuse Risk Management for Volunteers,” “Social Media Safety,” “It Happened to Me” and “Duty to Report.” The number and type of video modules are based on your SLP role. All Kiwanis members should annually review the Youth Protection Guidelines, which cover our policy and procedures.

How much does the Praesidium training cost?

There is no cost to Kiwanis members to complete this training.

Who is required to complete the new youth protection training?

Currently, Service Leadership Program advisors are required to complete the training. Youth protection and risk managers, as well as district administrators, have access to training modules they can complete. In the coming months, all Kiwanis members will have access to the training.

Faculty advisors are not required to complete the training at this time. If a faculty advisor wants to complete the course, please email to have their profile manually added.

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