Three steps to start a Kiwanis club

Step 1: We are ready to help you get started

Kids need Kiwanis and Kiwanis needs you! Help children in your community thrive, prosper and grow while growing your network of friends. Kiwanis is here to help you create a new club that will have a positive impact on children in your community and around the world. Send us an email or give us a call at +1-317-875-8755 (extension 411).

Step 2: Find like-minded people for your new club

Invite family, friends and colleagues to join you in being a hero for children. Connect with potential members on a personal level about their interest in supporting community needs. A new Kiwanis club needs 15 members before it can be official.

Step 3: Start making a difference

Your Kiwanis International club coach will help you take care of a few formalities, such as figuring out the systems and choosing leaders. A new club can choose the traditional club format or an alternative style depending on the members' interests. Once that's done, go out and make a difference!

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