What is Read & Lead?

How do K-Kids Read & Lead kits help kids?

The resources provided in Read & Lead kits will help you:

  • Engage students in reading.
  • Let students read and discuss books as a group.
  • Guide students through reflection that deepens their understanding of societal issues.
  • Empower students to address issues in their own school or community.
  • Get kids involved in community service that truly makes a difference.

Why is reading so important?
Give children a strong foundation in reading and you will help them for the rest of their lives. Here are   reasons why reading matters:

  • Children learn empathy, seeing from different perspectives and experiencing what others feel.
  • Kids are compelled to think more deeply and critically.
  • Stories stimulate imagination and play—along with curiosity, conversation and knowledge.
  • Children and parents bond when they explore books together.
  • It offers time for quiet and calm—and an opportunity for inspiration and reflection.
  • Kids are exposed to new vocabulary and forms of expression.

These kits are affordable
The Kiwanis International and Penguin Random House partnership results in a discount that allows K-Kids Read & Lead book kits to be purchased at an affordable price.
Small book kit: $55 – include 6 copies each of the first two book titles listed (12 books)
Large book kit: $90 – include 5 copies of each title listed (20 books)
Ordinary People Change the World small kit:  $108 – includes 6 copies each of the first two books listed (12 books)
Ordinary People Change the World large kit:  $180 – includes  5 copies of each title listed (20 books)

What comes in each kit?
Every kit comes with an introductory letter, a discussion and activity guide, a guide for creating impactful service projects — and, of course, books.

How do I Plan a Service Project?
The K-Kids I.D.E.A. guide gives kids step-by-step instructions on how to create service projects that truly make a difference.

Who are the partners behind K-Kids Read & Lead?
Kiwanis and Penguin Random House teamed up to create the K-Kids Read & Lead program. Kiwanis is a volunteer organization dedicated to serving children around the world. Penguin Random House, the world’s largest trade publisher, is dedicated to its mission of nourishing a universal passion for reading by connecting authors and their writing to readers everywhere.

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