Presentations from the 2019
Orlando Convention


Best practices for sponsoring a new club

The key to a new club’s success is an existing club’s sponsorship. Whether your club is serving as a sponsor or has been asked, this session will cover best practices, idea-sharing and how sponsoring benefits your club. 

Club presidents, part I: Set the stage for success

Do your club members understand your Why? Are you relevant to your community and members? Learn how to “cast a vision” by asking tough questions that help enact change during your year in office and beyond.

Convince a reporter to cover your club

Come learn how to write an engaging media release, find the right reporter and pitch your story to the media in order to maximize coverage for your club.

Creating positive environments for LGBTQ youth

From the roots of the LGBTQ movement to evolving gender norms to the current state of youth in America, this fun and interactive workshop will help SLP advisors create safe, welcoming and inclusive spaces for all students and provide resources to support those identifying as LGBTQ. 

Crisis communications: What you need to know

Allegations of theft or improper conduct can take a club by surprise. Learn the elements of crisis communications, and make sure your club is prepared. 

Diversity awareness for club membership

Does your club reflect your community? Our panel will discuss examining club membership while considering race, religion, age, gender, political beliefs and socioeconomic status. Participants are encouraged to do a quick online search for their communities’ demographics before arriving. 

Don’t Meth With Us

Don‘t Meth With Us educates children and families about methamphetamine, and gives them the tools to combat illicit drug addiction. Hear from a Kiwanian who helped start it, and learn how to bring the program to your community.

Education pipeline: Take a look into 2020

Everyone is welcome to join this conversation on club leadership education. The session includes upcoming changes and an overview of the implementation timeline. Districts will have an opportunity to provide feedback.

Follow the rules: Foundation compliance issues

Compliance with governmental regulations is critical for all Kiwanis foundations. Join us for a panel discussion regarding changing regulations, must-have policies and best practices. 

Fundraising 101: Developing an effective plan

Does the thought of fundraising overwhelm you? Learn the essentials of a strategic annual fundraising plan and get the tools to develop and implement your own. While you’re here, get your questions answered by the experts of the Kiwanis Children’s Fund.

How to deal with deadbeat dues-payers

Imagine a world where all members’ dues were paid by the first day of the Kiwanis year. Learn how to lessen complications, stop chasing members who haven’t paid and help members understand the investment they make each year in the club and the community.

Interview tips

You’ve pitched your story and the media is covering your event. Learn how to develop messages, stage an interview and be a pro on camera.

Kiwanis youth protection training

You are the key to youth protection. Learn how to identify and help prevent child abuse and mistreatment of the Kiwanis family’s youth members. At this session, you will complete Kiwanis International’s required youth protection training.

Making meetings fun and inviting

What do members say about your Kiwanis club meetings? What about your guests? Learn how to build a positive membership campaign in your community just by tweaking how your meetings are conducted. 

Member satisfaction and retention (Kiwanis in 2050)

When was the last time your club hit the “pause” button to assess its community impact? It’s a big part of member satisfaction and retention. Examine ways to make sure your Kiwanis club is having a positive impact on the members and the community. 

Multi-generational service projects

Meaningful service is just as important to a seasoned Kiwanian as it is to a younger member. Learn what makes a meaningful service project attractive to all, see how it can be a club membership tool, and take away a recipe card for success. 

New free district and club websites preview

Are you looking for a free and simple way to grow your club and create or optimize your club or district website? Preview the upcoming platform for Kiwanis club websites and see what it can do for your club or district. 

Put the fun in fundraising

Learn event fundraising best practices and strategies that will help you strengthen club membership and enhance community service. Get examples of successful fundraising events and tips from the pros. 

Single-emphasis clubs to strengthen and grow Kiwanis

What if a “single-emphasis” club could open the doors to a stronger, growing Kiwanis? Kiwanis Literacy & LGBTQ youth clubs have helped invigorate divisions in the California-Nevada-Hawaii District. Come ready for a dialogue on how single-emphasis can work in your division. 

What makes a great leader?

Leadership for a volunteer organization can be fun, challenging, rewarding and frustrating — all in the same week! Examine several leadership theories and see how they can help a Kiwanian become a great leader. 

Why do people volunteer?

Kiwanis is a volunteer organization. And every member has their own reason for joining. This session will explain why people volunteer, the four types of volunteers and how to motivate them.

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