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The global reach of Kiwanis is truly impressive. And the Kiwanis Children’s Fund is a big part of it. Thanks to Children’s Fund grants, Kiwanians change kids’ lives in communities near and far. We hope you’re proud to be a part of this global organization and inspired by your worldwide impact. 

Through the Children’s Fund Ready-Made Meeting, you can share that pride and knowledge with your fellow members! 

Sign up today 

Learn how Kiwanians make a difference in lives around the world. And find out how the Children’s Fund can be a resource for you — from your fundraising efforts to writing grant applications and even boosting membership. And help fellow members learn too. 

The meeting can be conducted in person or virtually — sign up for your meeting kit today!  

Sign up: I’m ready to host a meeting 

What’s included in a ready-made meeting 

  • “Together, we do more.” A short video to kick off your meeting with information and inspiration regarding the Children’s Fund and the power of Kiwanis. (Don’t worry — if your club doesn’t have video capabilities, we have an option for you.)  
  • Because Kiwanians Care photo cards. 8-by-10-inch photos of adorable kids. Each with an accompanying story to read with your club about an inspiring project that the Children’s Fund supported. 
  • Rumor vs. Reality. A fun way to discuss misconceptions about the Children’s Fund and learn the truth about what we do!    
  • Ask an Expert. Tips from Children’s Fund staff for fundraising, grant applications, membership growth and more — all the ways we can help your club!   
  • “A Camp that Matters.” A video about one Kiwanis club’s four-day summer camp, which makes a yearlong difference — in a part of rural Georgia where one in three children live in poverty. 

    Sign up: I’m ready to host my meeting. 

    Thank you for signing up for a Ready-Made Meeting! Whether you’re meeting in person or virtually, check out these digital resources to share with your club. 

    Host your meeting virtually 

    • Learn how to play a video over Zoom here.
    • Find digital versions of the materials here.


      “Together, we do more”: A short video to kick off your meeting with information and inspiration about the Children’s Fund and the power of Kiwanis. 

      “A Camp that Matters”: End your meeting with this inspiring video about a Kiwanis club’s camp in rural Georgia, where one in three children live in poverty. 

      Ask an expert 

      Access these digital versions of our Ask an Expert resources at any time or share them with others. 

      Additional resources 

      Finally, check out these additional resources from the Children’s Fund, including information about our grant programs, links to other videos and webinars and more. Contact us at childrensfund@kiwanis.org if you have questions or need assistance.