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The Standard Form for Club Bylaws is each club’s agreement with Kiwanis International regarding basic standards to belong to the organization and to use the Kiwanis names and marks.

In February 2013, the Kiwanis International Board released a new version of the Standard Form for Club Bylaws that provides greater flexibility and autonomy to clubs. It also includes club policies that may be personalized by each club.

Frequently asked questions
Standard Form for Club Bylaws (PDF for review only)
Standard Form for Club Bylaws (Start the online submission process)
Club process for “conduct unbecoming,” conduct that is incompatible with the best interests of the public or of members of the Kiwanis family or tends to harm the standing of Kiwanis in the local or global community. (Revised October 2021)

Questions can be sent to ClubBylaws@kiwanis.org.