District key positions

There are key positions in every district to support Kiwanis clubs in the mission of helping every child thrive, prosper and grow. Kiwanis International requires and significantly supports these key positions. Appointees should have previous experience in their subject area; are requested and strongly encouraged not to simultaneously hold other Kiwanis leadership positions above the club level; and are encouraged to serve multi-year commitments of three years unless otherwise noted.


  • Risk manager. Risk managers should be appointed in all North American districts and instruct clubs on how to avoid or minimize risk and communicate regularly with Kiwanis International. This person should have a background in property or casualty insurance.
  • Youth protection manager. Youth managers should be appointed in all districts which have Service Leadership Programs for youth. The youth protection manager will instruct clubs on how to help protect the youth served by Kiwanis clubs and their service leadership programs and communicate regularly with Kiwanis International. This person should have a background in youth training, education or law enforcement. Learn more here.
  • Membership coordinator. The Membership coordinator is responsible for providing direction and support for club opening and membership strengthening in the district. This position collaborates with the district leadership team to develop goals and objectives for inviting and retaining members.
  • Leadership development coordinator. The leadership development coordinator is responsible for implementation of the education, training, and leadership development of club presidents and secretaries in the district using programs established by Kiwanis International. This person may have a role, at the district’s discretion, in educating or training other leaders such as lieutenant governors and trustees.
  • Partnership coordinator. The partnership coordinator is responsible for connecting clubs with Kiwanis International’s official partners and supporting clubs in developing and maintaining signature projects in their communities. The Partnership coordinator may also help form new partnerships in selected regions, applicable to those areas.
  • Public relations coordinator. The public relations coordinator is responsible for guiding and assisting clubs with public relations via various media and ensuring adherence by clubs and the district to the branding guidelines established by Kiwanis International.

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