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The Kiwanis Children’s Fund has a long and proud history of supporting our Service Leadership Programs and their members. Kiwanis SLPs include clubs that range from elementary school to university students — as well as adults with disabilities.

To help our SLP members serve, lead, grow and belong,  we  provide:

    • Scholarships to Circle K (college) and Key Club (high school) members.
    • Funding for service projects to Circle K clubs through the Tomorrow Fund.
    • Funding for service projects to Key Clubs through the Youth Opportunities Fund.
    • Support for events like the Aktion Club (adults with disabilities) Training and Leadership Conference

In addition, the Children’s Fund recognizes outstanding members of K-Kids and Builders Club with our Leadership Awards. We also provide funding and one-time grants to support special initiatives and programs organized by our SLPs, including Key Leader, Circle K Leadership Academy, Key Club Breakthrough and others.