To help you prepare to complete the online contest form, review this list of questions and prepare your responses in advance.

1. Name of the signature project
2. Name of your club
3. Club ID number
4. How many members are in your club?
5. Club city, state, country, postal code
6. Club president name
7. Club president email
8. Name of person submitting this entry
9. Email address of submitter
10. Phone number of submitter
11. Select your district name and ID
12. Select the type of Signature Project (service project or fundraiser)
13. How many years have you conducted this project or event?
14. Does your club conduct or intend to conduct this project at least annually? (Yes/No)
15. How many people were served or helped by your most recent event?
16. What’s the primary focus of your signature project? (Select from list or explain “Other”)
17. What group of people is primarily being served by your signature project? (Select from list or explain “Other”)
18. Describe the population being served and the need that’s being addressed or met through your project.
19. How many attended your most recent event, not including club members?
20. How many club members participated? (Include those involved in the planning and execution)
21. How many members from other Kiwanis clubs helped with this project?
22. Did members of any SLP clubs participate and what did the do?
23. If this is a fundraiser, what were the total net funds raised by the project?
24. What are the total expenses for your signature project? (Service project or fundraiser)
25. How many new club members, if any, were gained through the project since it began?
26. How did you promote your event or project? (Select from list and/or explain “Other”)
27. Share details of your promotional efforts for your project and club, and explain how you used the Kiwanis brand.
28. Were you able to collaborate with any of Kiwanis’ official partners? (Select from list and/or explain “Other”)
29. Were there local partners involved in the project? (Include their name and role in your project.)
30. Add any additional information about your signature project you’d like us to know?
31. Upload up to five images of your event.