10 Ways you can help students

| Feb 12, 2021


Kiwanis members are encouraged to work with students, but how should you do it, especially during a pandemic? Here are 10 ways:

1. Ask school officials what they need. The faculty and administration will help guide you. Follow their lead. If the school does not have a Service Leadership Program, ask if they would be interested in your club helping to open one. Learn more here.

2. Already sponsor an SLP club? Make sure you have designated Kiwanis advisors working with your SLP clubs and that they are trained to work with youth. Visit to learn more about serving children in the safest possible way.

3. Share the fun of reading. Pick out age-appropriate books and pre-record club members reading them or coordinate regular live readings via Zoom with a classroom teacher. Donate copies of the books to classrooms for students to take home.

4. Provide extra support. School administrators and faculty members are overwhelmed this year so connect with your school’s parent/teacher organization to see what the school needs. Schools always welcome classroom supplies, and 2021 is no different. Consider donating hand sanitizer and other cleaning supplies. Tip: Purchase supplies from Kiwanis Warehouse for a discount.

5. Eliminate the learning gap. Some families aren’t equipped to support partial or full at-home schooling. Ask school counselors whether you can provide supplies for kids learning from home.

6. Thank teachers. Deliver pre-packaged snacks to teachers with notes of appreciation. You can also work with your SLP clubs to create a thank-a-thon for faculty and administration members. We have a virtual meeting kit dedicated to gratitude where you can find great ideas for K-Kids, Builders Club and Key Club members.

7. Celebrate seniors. Start planning socially distanced ways to congratulate members who are graduating from high school and college. Organize a car parade, send soon-to-be Key Club and Circle K International grads special items from the Kiwanis Family Store or honor grads and their families with a virtual ceremony before graduation.

8. Help them stay connected. Many SLP clubs are unable to pay their dues this year. Consider paying Key Club and CKI students’ dues and sponsoring their attendance at their spring district conventions (if registration is not free) and the Key Club International and Circle K International conventions this summer.

9. Reach out to CKI members. There is no better way to help grow CKI than to connect with members and clubs. From networking at professional events and mentoring members to helping them find internships and providing career advice, CKI members want and need your support.

10. Protect their mental health. The uncertainty of living, learning and growing up during a global pandemic has affected students. Key Club has relied on resources provided by Erika’s Lighthouse and CKI has partnered with Active Minds; both organizations are leading nonprofits in the United States promoting mental health awareness for teens and young adults. They have resources you can use and share with fellow Kiwanians, advisors, teachers and parents.


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