2020 Kiwanis Convention speaker: Ethan Zohn

| Dec 18, 2019

Ethan Zohn

2020 Kiwanis International Convention BlueYou may recognize Ethan Zohn as the winner of CBS’s "Survivor: Africa." But that was just the prelude to an incredible story — one of perseverance, accomplishment and enduring spirit.

Fresh off his victory on the reality show and determined to use his prize winnings for something bigger than himself, Zohn co-founded Grassroot Soccer.

As a former professional soccer player, he knew the unparalleled power of sport as an agent for social change. His nonprofit uses the power of soccer to empower young people in sub-Saharan Africa to make educated choices about pressing health challenges including HIV/AIDS, sexual health, gender-based violence and malaria.

In 2009, Zohn became an unlikely face of cancer, diagnosed not once but twice with a rare form of CD20+ Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in the span of several years. He endured years of aggressive treatment, including two stem cell transplants.

Zohn believes that a better and healthier world can be achieved by living with strong values. His inspiration to help heal the world stems from being taught at an early age the importance of kindness, community and a connection to social goodness.

He will speak to Kiwanians on Friday, June 19.

Kiwanis is serious business with a playful spirit. So that's exactly what this convention will be — a union of grown-up commitment and childlike exuberance. Come to Indianapolis for leadership and community service education with a playful twist. June 17-20, 2020. Click here to see all the master classes available at the 2020 Kiwanis International Convention.


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