2021-22: A year of progress

Peter Mancuso | Sep 23, 2022

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Kiwanis leaders at all levels look forward to their next event, activity, or service project as the year progresses. Only when the end of the year draws near do we permit ourselves the luxury of looking back at what has been accomplished rather than forward at what lies ahead. In this last column as president, however, I find it challenging to reflect on the year because I am writing this while still charging ahead with three months left to go, not in September when you will be reading it.

When the final statistics are in, I expect that they will show progress in every area I prioritized this year: improving the club experience, increasing our membership, expanding our service leadership programs, developing our future leaders and supporting the Kiwanis Children’s Fund. Listing the Kiwanians and staff members who contributed to these efforts would require more space than I have here, but I thank you all greatly.

Karen and I have been honored to serve as your president and first lady. We have traveled extensively and been greeted warmly at every stop.  Among the many memorable visits were those to the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California, the Civil Rights Institute in Birmingham, Alabama, and the Africa Education Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa. We have seen the best Kiwanis service that the world has to offer.  

We also extend our best wishes to incoming President Bert and First Lady Sandy West. Bert will be a president of whom all Kiwanians can be proud and who deserves your support.

Thanks again, everyone.  It’s been wonderful taking this trip with you.


Peter J. Mancuso is the 2021-22 Kiwanis International President.


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