5 ways to encourage exercise

| May 03, 2021

kids with crafts

It’s tempting for kids to pick up a “device” when they’re bored. And it’s tempting for adults to let them. Instead, get kids in motion — physically and mentally — with these activities.

Obstacle course. Use household items to get them moving from one point to another. For example, set up a run to the chair cushion, a skip to the flowerpot, then some jump rope outside.  

Chef time. Start with easy meals like sandwiches. Then try cookies, brownies or even dinner. Measuring ingredients helps develop math skills too!  

Hide and seek. Set boundaries and turn them loose. Who can find the best hiding place in the park or the backyard? Let every kid have a turn as the one who seeks.  

Craft time. Unleash creativity with crayons, colored pencils and paper. Or give them popsicle sticks, glitter glue, stickers and toothpicks to craft something.  

Story time. Encourage reading by encouraging writing. Possible topics: a favorite family member, a favorite day trip or what they dream about doing when they’re grown up.


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