5 ways to improve the member experience

Kasey Jackson | May 10, 2021

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Recruiting new members has a huge impact on the community, the division, the district, Kiwanis International — and the entire world! For every person we bring into Kiwanis (whether into existing clubs or while opening new ones) we extend our service to another 206 children around the world. And when we bring together 15 people to open a new club, we can assist another 3,090 children.

It’s all about gaining more hands for service. Now more than ever, kids and our communities need Kiwanis. And to extend the scope of our support, we need more members with new ideas and energies.

But to do our best and most meaningful work, we need happy members. What does your club do to ensure its members are getting what they want from the Kiwanis experience? Here are some ways to think about the value of a Kiwanis club membership.

1. Conduct a member survey
What do your members want from their Kiwanis club experience? When is the most convenient time to meet? Would members rather meet completely online? What service projects appeal to them?

2. Host social events outside of meeting time
Clubs thrive when members have fun. Get together for a dinner or a movie. Plan an adventure. Have fun off the Kiwanis clock.

3. Value and respect all members’ opinions
Sometimes the same members seem to have all the ideas. But maybe they’re just the ones most comfortable speaking up. Make it a point to hear from everyone.

4. Offer many service project opportunities
Hard labor isn’t for everyone. Vary your projects. Offer one a month. Divide and conquer. Not everyone has to work every event.

5. Make club activities meaningful and relevant
Does your club know what your community really needs? If not, your service might go unnoticed. Take advantage of Kiwanis’ Achieving Club Excellence (ACE) tools to ensure your programs and service address what your community needs. For more, visit for more information.


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