7 tips for a successful fundraiser 

Tony Knoderer | Aug 18, 2020

Holding a fundraising event is one way your group can raise money — and improve its profile. For a fun, effective and profitable event, remember these seven tips:  

Be fun!
If you don’t enjoy and embrace every aspect of the event, from planning to cleanup, it might not be the right project. Kiwanis is about kids, after all — keep your event playful and childlike!  

Be sustainable. Assess your event by asking: Do we have the time and capacity to make it successful? Does this event have long-term growth potential? Are we making the best use of our resources and relationships?  

Promote your cause. Your event may be the public’s first opportunity to learn about the cause you’re supporting. Make sure that every attendee understands it — and knows about Kiwanis.  

Highlight your community’s culture. We often fall back on familiar events: golf outings, galas, wine tastings. But are they right for your community? Build on what makes your community unique.  

Engage your whole community. Ask community members to serve on the event’s organizing committee or to participate as volunteers. Partnerships can lead to deeper engagement — and maybe even new members. And don’t forget Kiwanis youth programs! Kids and teens are often excellent volunteers.  

Offer multiple ways to give. In addition to your primary fundraising activity, consider admission fees, raffles, auctions, merchandise sales and more.  

Contact attendees afterward. People who attend your fundraiser might be interested in becoming a member or partnering with your club. Don’t waste the opportunity! Send letters or emails to every attendee — even those who didn’t make a gift. Thank them, share how much you raised and tell them how donations will be used.

Are you looking for more ideas — including ways to teach fellow members about the Kiwanis Children’s Fund? Check out a new tool from the Children’s Fund: the ready-made meeting!


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