Changing lives by supporting immunizations worldwide

| Apr 09, 2018

A mother in Haiti holds her newborn protected from MNT A mother in Haiti holds her newborn protected from MNT. (2014)

With the support of The Eliminate Project, there has been:

  • An additional 24,000 babies born every year, unaffected by tetanus
  • Twenty-four more countries that have eliminated maternal and neonatal tetanus
  • Millions of mothers vaccinated
  • US$78 million raised

Incredible progress has been made since The Eliminate Project started in 2010. Kiwanis International, UNICEF and its partners have made great strides in eliminating the tragedy of MNT. But that’s not all.

Funds raised by the Kiwanis Children's Fund also support the sustainability of UNICEF’s efforts. MNT has not resurfaced in a single country where the World Health Organization validated it was eliminated. UNICEF not only vaccinates women of reproductive age, but significantly improves pregnant women’s access to clean delivery and health education.

Kiwanis International recognizes the importance of all vaccinations, not just the tetanus toxoid vaccine. That’s why we’re joining UNICEF USA, LDS Charities, Rotary International, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and other organizations in celebration and support of the World Health Organization’s World Immunization Week, April 24-28.

Help celebrate the progress of The Eliminate Project and inform others of the importance of immunizations. You can find material your club can use at, including social media posts, newsletter articles and an op-ed article that can be shared with local media.


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