Children’s Fund grant helps club feed preschoolers in Nepal

Jennifer Morlan | Apr 13, 2021

Just getting to school is a struggle for many students attending the Siddartha Vanasthali Institute in Panauti, Nepal. Even some of the youngest students walk for miles over hilly terrain because their family farms aren’t connected to roads or their parents can’t afford transportation.

At school, teachers say, the students arrive without money for lunch and with little to eat. The school has been able to feed 35 of the 87 pre-schoolers, but even those meals were limited in nutrition and calories.

“It becomes very painful for the children who can’t afford lunch,” said Victor J.B. Rana, charter president of the Kiwanis Club of Kathmandu City.

The club, which was chartered in 2018, applied for and received a grant from the Children’s Fund. As a result, all pre-schoolers ages 3 to 5 will receive nutritious meals during the 200-day school year. Lunches will include stews, rice, lentils, milk, vegetables, fruits and bread.

Helping kids and families

The club's Supplement Nutrition Program will also offer educational programs to help teach family members about the importance of healthy diets.

“The goal of the program is to improve the mental and physical well-being of the children to bring about improved performance in academic and extracurricular activities,” Rana said.

In addition to its nutrition program, the Kathmandu club works with the SiddarthaVanasthali Institute to conduct dental hygiene camps, disaster awareness training, athletic competitions, reading projects and the Kiwanis Terrific Kids program.

“Many children are not equally blessed as others,” Rana said. “Many need proper education, good health and nutrition. The funds provided by the Children’s Fund are of the utmost necessity to plug those gaps. The grant our club received is indeed a gesture of the kindness shown by generous people for the betterment of the needy children. Our club would like to thank them all sincerely for their generosity.”


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