Couple from opposite sides of the globe says Kiwanis brought them together

Steven Hadt | Feb 13, 2018

A Kiwanis love story

A Kiwanis love story Their eyes met across a busy room buzzing with nervous energy. The governors-elect had just arrived at the Kiwanis International office in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, for several days of training and immersion into the Kiwanis culture. Serge Viau was the governor-elect for the Eastern Canada and Caribbean District, and Angela Liu was there to provide translation support for the governor-elect from Taiwan. When their eyes met that night in 2013, a connection happened.

A few years later, the pair was walking down the aisle hand in hand.

"If it wasn’t for Kiwanis, we would not have met," Liu said. "Being dedicated Kiwanians also gave us a common interest as the base for the development of a beautiful relationship."

Their interest in each other only grew after the 2013 Governors-elect Education Conference ended and Liu returned to Taichung City in Taiwan and Viau went home to Sault Ste. Marie in Ontario, Canada.

But it was more than a year before Liu and Viau saw each other again.

The two traveled to the centennial celebration of the Detroit No. 1 Kiwanis Club in 2015 and saw each other at a cocktail reception. The next morning, Viau messaged Liu to ask whether she wanted to go to the North American International Auto Show.

"I swear, she was down in the lobby in five minutes," he said. "I think she ran all the way. I felt instant chemistry and wanted to pursue the possibility of a relationship."

A Kiwanis love story They stayed in contact through WhatsApp, a free messaging and calling service. They spent hours talking about their Kiwanis moments. For Liu, Kiwanis had become part of her life after working as the English-speaking secretary in the Taiwan District office and realizing how Kiwanians were improving communities. She quickly signed her membership application to do more than support the Kiwanis movement — she wanted to be part of it.

Viau talked about the fun and fellowship he's experienced at club meetings, and the passion he has about helping others.

"I always believed that the more you give of yourself, the more you get back," he said. "Kiwanis provides me with an opportunity to serve others, primarily our most vulnerable people, our children."

They made plans to see each other at the 2015 Kiwanis International convention in Indianapolis, at various district conventions and the Kiwanis Asia-Pacific Education Conference. After two years of long-distance dating, they decided to get married.

"We both love Kiwanis, enjoy being Kiwanians, and Kiwanis brought us the best reward, each other," Viau said. "We decided to get married on January 21, 2017, on Kiwanis' anniversary."

It was a special day. Liu wore a white dress and embroidered veil. Viau wore a Kiwanis-blue bow tie with his dark blue tuxedo. Many Kiwanis friends were in the audience.

"We did not want to turn the wedding into a mini district convention," Liu said. "Taiwan Kiwanians are very passionate."

Just a little more than a year after saying "I do," the two still live in their own countries, but they're awaiting permanent residence from the Canadian government. They've visited each other many times during the past year.

"Thanks to the greatest invention — the internet — we maintain our relationship carefully and intentionally," Liu said.

A Kiwanis love story


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