Does your club have a signature project?

| Apr 26, 2021

Tips and tools

Every club should have one. The project you’re known for throughout the community. The service that everyone learns to look forward to. The event that comes to mean “Kiwanis” to nonmembers — and maybe even inspires them to become members. Create your club’s signature project in the following five steps. And use our online toolkit to make each one happen.

1. Choose a project to benefit kids.
Instead of a one-time event, make it a project that can be repeated at least once per year and will last for years to come. Make it something your Kiwanis club will be known for throughout the community.

2. Bring your project to life.
Now that your Kiwanis club has selected a project, it’s time to get the ball rolling. From creating a plan to raising funds and more, start taking the steps that will make your project special.

3. Work with partners.
Kiwanis International has created partnerships that align with our mission and preserve the trust of clubs, members and the communities they serve. Make their services, products and resources work for you!

4. Get budget-boosting help.
There are resources to help your club save money. Kiwanis Warehouse offers discounted service project supplies. The Kiwanis Children’s Fund offers club grant support. More information:

5. Report your success.
By reporting to Kiwanis International, you help your club qualify for special recognition. And you help the organization form more partnerships that support even more signature projects to serve kids.

For each step, we have the tools you need!  Go to


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