Donations, supplies continue to pour into Texas communities devastated by Hurricane Harvey

Steven Hadt | Sep 08, 2017

Kiwanis Clubs get supplies to send to Texas
Workers at a Texas Sam's Club holler across the aisle to Marshall Kregel, "How much bleach do you want?" Kregel hollers back, "As much as you got. Bleach kills mold." 

Kregel, the chair of the Kiwanis Texas-Oklahoma District's disaster relief efforts, continues buying supplies with the money donated to help victims of Hurricane Harvey. 

"They opened 12 envelopes in the district office yesterday, and there were US$12,000 in donations," Kregel said. "I want Kiwanians to know every dime we're getting is getting spent. We aren't holding anything back. We're working with the Salvation Army and United Way. They're giving me a shopping list of what they need. Kiwanis is helping in a very big way." 

DONATIONS, SUPPLIES CONTINUE TO POUR INTO TEXAS COMMUNITIES DEVASTATED BY HURRICANE HARVEY In the first days after the hurricane came onshore and dumped tons of water on Southeast Texas, Kregel focused the district's efforts on getting personal-hygiene and comfort items to people living in emergency shelters. Nearly two weeks after the disaster, he's working on getting cleaning supplies, trash bags, facemasks and gloves to the affected areas. 

"We're reaching people right where they are," Kregel said. "We're making a big difference because of the support of Kiwanians around the world." 

Kregel sends one truck and trailer every day from northern Texas to one of the four distribution points he set up for Kiwanis clubs in the communities affected by the disaster. Clubs load the supplies into their cars and take them where they are working. 

"We're not FEMA. We're not the Red Cross. But we are making a difference," Kregel said. "People are going to remember Kiwanis for the rest of their lives." 


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