Enrich your own life by serving others

Peter Mancuso | Aug 18, 2022

peter mancuso

Many years ago, when our children Stephen and Cathy were young, I used to bring them with me every year as part of a Kiwanis contingent helping out at our local Games for the Physically Challenged. One time, Cathy brought a friend who was clearly uncomfortable at being around people who had disabilities.  

But to Cathy, who was part of the Kiwanis family, it was all perfectly normal.

That was when I first realized that Kiwanis was not only fun for me and good for the people whom we serve, but good for my family as well. From that time on, I saw Kiwanis in an entirely different light. And Cathy went on to become a two-term Key Club high school president.

Kiwanis became our second family. And like many of you, I found it to be the perfect vehicle to take the best part of who I am and share it with others — whether they were my fellow members or those in need whom we serve. In doing so, I experienced the miracle of Kiwanis, which is this: In the act of enriching the lives of others, you enrich your own life every bit as much.

As Kiwanis members, we make life better not only for our own children and grandchildren, but for the children of the entire world.   

Thank you for all your service to children in your community and around the world — so they have what they need to succeed in life and so that future generations will thrive, prosper and grow.


Peter J. Mancuso is the 2021-22 Kiwanis International President.


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