Every little drop of water adds to the pond

Vicki Hermansen | Dec 18, 2019

Kids need Kiwanis

There are so many kids who need Kiwanis. And Kiwanis clubs make a difference 365 days a year in the lives of many children around the world. Children who need school supplies. Children who need books. Children who want to learn how to swim, ride a bike, go fishing. Kids need Kiwanis.  

During holidays, it seems even more kids need Kiwanis. With so many Kiwanis clubs’ social media posts showing off holiday parties, breakfasts with Santa and shopping trips with club members, it’s increasingly evident that the work our members do has a lasting impact on the life of a child.  

So many children. So many needs. So many Kiwanians there to help.  

For instance, one club might host 30 kids for a breakfast with Santa, where every child gets a meal, a treat and a gift. Another club will raise enough money to take a group of kids shopping for holiday gifts, maybe 10 kids, maybe 50. Yet another club will have a party with a community group and provide dinner for children and their families, offering wrapped gifts and a box or backpack of food to take home for the weekend.  

Every little drop adds to the pond.  

Yes, it’s busy now. But this kind of work happens all year. And don't forget the projects to pay for the projects. Like pancake breakfasts in the summer, or an auction of donated items in autumn — and Kiwanis members passing a hat to collect money at meetings. It’s all to raise money to help kids throughout the year and at special times like the holidays. These moments, when the eyes of a child widen at the sight of a new set of blocks, a new baby doll, a new pair of shoes — this is what it’s all about.  

And this is how the impact is made. One club helps 10 kids. Then another helps 30. Across town, a club helps another 60 kids. In a neighboring state, a club helps 100 kids and then a club in another city in that state helps 50 more kids. Before you know it, there are so many kids getting a hand up, a gift, a smile, even a hug. It all adds up. Again: more drops to the pond.  

So happy holidays, whatever and wherever you are celebrating.  

And thank you for making a difference in the life of a child.  

And if you haven’t yet, please join us. Kids need Kiwanis, and Kiwanis needs you. 


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