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Jack Brockley | Nov 07, 2019

Meg Pro representatives fit a Ulaanbaatar Vocational Training School #55 student with corrective footwear.

His legs sharply bent, a student leans forward as he strides awkwardly into a therapy room at Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s Vocational Training School #55. He’s smiling because today he and four other classmates are being fitted with prosthetic devices designed to correct his posture and gait. 
Nearly halfway around the world, Poquoson High School Key Club members had been selling cotton candy at the Virginia community’s annual Seafood Fest, with profitable results. 

 “It was around this time that our sponsoring Poquoson Kiwanis Club came to us with the idea of supporting a project for students in Mongolia,” says Key Club member Erin Rollins. “We were sent pictures and information about each child’s diagnosis and their expected treatment, as well as the cost of each treatment. 
A Ulaanbaatar Vocational Training School #55 student smiles as he stands erect, fitted with prostheses that straighten his legs. “Personally, I felt absolutely compelled to donate our funds to these children. Our support would inherently improve their quality of life, allowing them to live happy and healthy lives. Being in a position to do something with an impact of such magnitude made the decision easy.” 

This past June, Edine Yargal, a representative of the Ulaanbaatar-based Meg Pro, delivered the company’s customized prostheses. “Hopefully, with these devices, they won’t require surgery,” Yargal said. 

Rollins says this event will be cherished for a lifetime. 

“This event made me fully comprehend what power human empathy holds and how each person could set out to improve someone else’s life in one way or another,” Rollins says.


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