Past Kiwanis International president urges more women to lead

Sue Petrisin | Mar 06, 2020

Sue Petrisin dances with children

Kiwanis has always been about inclusivity and service beyond self. But to be viable in our next century, we need to recognize the differences in cultures, generations and technology that determine how and where we will succeed.  

We know that the service we provide not only impacts our communities, but also ourselves. Knowing that the gloves I donated will provide warmth for a child walking to school. The school supplies for the school in Cambodia that will provide each child with their own pencil and paper. While a small action on my part, I will treasure the smiles and the hugs.

Beyond service to self, we have a responsibility to each other and to the future of our organization. As women we bring a unique voice and journey to the table. We have a responsibility to help identify, support and promote members to serve at all levels of Kiwanis International that represent the cultures, generations and differences that describe us.

Let’s create a community that provides women a place to connect, communicate and support our service and leadership dreams. Let’s use our strengths and passion to make a positive impact on the children and communities we serve. Kids Need Kiwanis and Kiwanis needs leaders who will take a seat at the table at all levels of our organization.  

Will you join me?

Sue Petrisin is the 2015-16 Kiwanis International president.


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