Four favorite fundraisers

| Sep 30, 2021

Four Favorite Fundraisers

Sometimes it takes money to help kids. So where do you start? Check out four of our favorite fundraising categories.

Fundraisers involving food are popular — and there’s a good chance other organizations in your community have food fundraisers you could learn from. Does your region have a famous food you could celebrate with a festival (like the Kiwanis Rock Shrimp Festival in Georgia, USA)? How about a virtual cheese, wine or whiskey tasting like the Kiwanis Club of European Professionals?

Find more food fundraiser ideas from around the world.

Team up with a local plant nursery or farm to sell seasonal flowers or vegetables. In Belgium, the Kiwanis Club of Mons en Hainaut sells more than 117 varieties of flowers and tomatoes — including a tomato called “La Kiwanienne” (“The Kiwanian”).  

If you’d like to help the environment and raise money while doing it, check with a local recycling service about collecting items for cash — like this Kiwanis club in Georgia, USA, did.

Looking for more environment-related project ideas? Check out this list.  

Encourage your community to exercise and raise money for kids at the same time: Host a sports tournament or 5K race, like the Kiwanis Club of Dunedin, Florida, USA. Or consider a lesser-known crowd pleaser like the bed races sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa, Canada. Many sporting events can be held in large public spaces outdoors to meet local COVID-19 guidelines.  

Bonus: more outdoor fundraiser and service project ideas.  

Have a connection to owners of classic cars or other intriguing collectibles? Organize a show or exhibit and charge attendees a small fee to see it all in person. The Kiwanis Club of Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA, is a good example: Even during a pandemic, they found a way to run their annual car show, the club’s biggest fundraiser of the year.

Not sure whether your club can manage a large-scale fundraiser? Here’s some advice about when to call in the fundraising experts.


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