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Ginger Fontan, Kiwanis International Director of Operations | Dec 21, 2020

It’s a new year. Maybe it’s time to find a new challenge by finding new work that’s meaningful —something that would allow you to make a difference in your community and world.  

As we enter our 11th month of a pandemic, one thing has become clear: Office jobs can be done anywhere. From creative work for people such as writers, designers and videographers to jobs that require accounting, engineering and architectural skills, most work done at a computer can be done at a computer anywhere.  

If you’ve decided it’s time to make a move, follow these tips for building a resume and interviewing for that dream job.  


  • Most resumes are submitted via email as an attachment or in a form. Be prepared for both.  
  • Keep it simple. Group your skills and strengths. Make it memorable but be sure it’s readable. 

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  • Make updates. Make sure your resume addresses the skills required for the position you are seeking. List activities you do in your current job but also add volunteer work, such advising youth programs, offices you’ve held within your Kiwanis club and special skills you have such as HTML or Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Show your experience. Work experience comes from your previous jobs but also from nontraditional experiences. Maybe you led a youth group on a mission trip, helped organize a large convention, provided education for adults and youth on a specific topic. Include those skills in your resume. 
  • Check it out. Proofread your resume. Look for spelling errors, typos and grammar mistakes. Make sure you seek feedback by asking a friend or trusted colleague to review it.  


  • Know who you’re talking with. Research the company. Delve into the job opportunity. Find out what you can about the executive leadership, the manager to whom you will report and the organization’s reputation. If the job interests you, research the company’s website. Is it fresh and up to date? Look for the financial documents to see if the organization is on a sound footing. This knowledge will help you answer questions — and ask them.
  • Practice makes perfect. Anticipate common questions and practice your answers. Being prepared makes a good first impression. 
  • Be confident and candid. Be authentic and speak from your heart, allowing your individual experiences and passions to show through. Your dedication will be apparent in your responses. Be yourself. 
  • If you are meeting with a hiring manager have your questions ready. Show that you have done your research. Ask about next steps and what you can provide the hiring manager to help make the decision. 
  • Remember your manners. Thank everyone by name. Send a thank you note immediately after the interview.

Ginger Fontan has been working in the human resources field for more than 20 years. She’s been with Kiwanis International since February 2019. Before joining Kiwanis International she was the regional operations director of several medical clinics throughout the Midwest. She is a member of the Broad Ripple Kiwanis Club.


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