Goodbye to a friend

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G. Robert “Bob” DeLong

Kiwanis lost a friend and partner in its sustaining fight against iodine deficiency disorders with the passing of G. Robert “Bob” DeLong this past July 10. 

DeLong’s research, supported by the Kiwanis Children’s Fund and the Kiwanis Worldwide Service Project against IDD, found creative solutions for introducing the micronutrient iodine into communities where salt fortification was not practical. In the Xinjiang Province of China, for example, he conceived the idea of iodine supplementation via irrigation water, which reportedly protected some 2.6 million people. In Tuva, a Russian republic in southern Siberia, he was involved with a project that provided iodine supplementation of a pastoral human population by iodizing salt licks for animals, which passed the micronutrient to families via meat and dairy products. 

“Dr. DeLong found creative solutions for getting iodine into the daily diets of people living in some of the most remote parts of our world,” says Kiwanis International President Poly Lat. “Kiwanis is grateful to have had him as a teammate in our ongoing battle against IDD.”


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