Grants help clubs make life better for kids

Jennifer Morlan | Dec 14, 2020

A Kiwanis club distributes toys to children.
Feeding hungry kids. Breaking down barriers at school. Providing necessities for families affected by domestic violence. Sharing parenting resources. Offering inspiration to teens. 

Thanks to members’ generous gifts, the Kiwanis Children’s Fund has awarded grants to clubs around the world, helping them tackle these and other issues.

Caring for abuse victims

The Kiwanis Club of Beachside-Newcastle in Australia will use its grant to expand a program that provides clothing to children whose families have sought refuge at domestic abuse shelters. In addition to a new set of clothes, pajamas and underwear, the children also receive toiletries, a book and a toy. Because children often arrive with nothing but the clothes they are wearing, these small comforts help them feel safe.

Resources on the go

In Taiwan, the Kiwanis Club of Liu Tui received a grant for its Patrol Library and Toy Truck project. The club is working with its county government to purchase trucks that will take toys and books to kids in remote areas — along with parenting resources for parents and grandparents. The Kiwanians will volunteer on the trucks’ trips and members of two Circle K International clubs will read to children on weekends. In addition, a nurse will conduct child development screenings and answer parenting questions.

New uniforms, more confidence

The Kiwanis Club of SouthShore in Sun City, Florida, serves students in 11 elementary schools. When members realized some students repeatedly wore the same school uniforms, they started a project to provide new ones — with the help of educators who identify kids in need. Members say new uniforms help kids feel more confident.  A Children’s Fund grant will allow the club to reach 100 additional students. The kids they serve will also get new shoes, socks, jeans, pants and T-shirts. 

Opening new horizons

The Kiwanis Club of Young Professionals in Kingston, Jamaica, will use a grant to help expand opportunities and empower marginalized and at-risk adolescents. The club works with the YMCA and Women's Center Foundation to provide young men and women with financial literacy and career counseling — important steps toward reducing poverty. 

Fighting childhood hunger

The Kiwanis Club of Azaelea City in Palatka, Florida, will make sure 800 children have access to food during weekends, thanks in part to a grant from the Kiwanis Children’s Fund. The 27% poverty rate in Putnam County is among the highest in Florida. Working with Feed the Need of Putnam County, the club will secure shelf-stable food such as rice and beans, oatmeal and macaroni and cheese for students to eat during 36 weekends when they are not receiving meals at school. 

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