How a club got 5 new members in 2 months

Kiwanis International | Oct 03, 2022


The Kiwanis Club of Oxford, Ohio, just inducted five new members. “Maybe we’re simply lucky, but Two For Two seems to be working,” said Brad Cronk, the club's membership chair. “After two months, we not only have potential new members, but we just initiated five new members last week.”

Those five new members will add their skills and experience to those of the other 67 club members to make the Oxford community better for kids.  

The club welcomes the help. Ten years ago, there were 79 members of the Oxford club.

“Over the years, we have used multiple means of attracting new members. They all worked to varying degrees. Some just got old and tired,” Cronk said. “Members like Two For Two because the ‘constant’ pressure was alleviated, and that produced a productive, targeted effort each month.”

The premise of “Two For Two” is simple: two members meet with two prospects every month to discuss Kiwanis and the club's impact on the community. The meeting can be anywhere — such as a coffee shop, library, community center or place of business.

The “Two For Two” guide is filled with pages of information, resources and ideas about who to approach for membership, how to approach them, ideas for corporate memberships and ways to identify prospects. There are cards to help clubs follow through on contacts and even some suggested prospects each month. The back cover can be used to track a club’s progress. Clubs received this 12-page workbook in March 2022. Click here if you need a new one sent to you.

The Oxford club isn't stopping with five new members. There are still too many kids who need Kiwanis. “We will continue using Two For Two,” said Cronk.


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