How’s your club doing?

| Apr 19, 2021

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Every Kiwanis club has its own culture, traditions and membership mix. And each has its own challenges. Do you know how healthy your club is? Do you have a plan to change things up or to consider new people for new roles? Here are a few ways to get a handle on how your club is doing.  

How welcome do new people feel?
Guests, speakers and new members — they want to feel like part of the group. But do they? A club’s fellowship can seem daunting to a newcomer. Look for ways to make them comfortable.

Try this:
• Pair experienced members with guests and new members.
• Acknowledge new attendees — make it part of the agenda!
• Conduct new-member orientation. Use the fill-in template at

How often are new ideas used?
From service projects to meeting activities, traditions are great — when they work. But sometimes old is just … old. Know the difference!  

Try this:
• Welcome the work — and the ideas — of your committees. 
• Conduct community needs assessments. Visit for help.
• Evaluate existing projects every year.

How many people are doing the work?
Many clubs have a core of committed members. That’s great — but it’s easy to let them do all the work. And that can breed apathy in others. Help people avoid boredom and burnout.

Try this:
• Get new and potential members involved in projects.  
• Make committee membership a part of the club’s culture.
• Reach out when someone misses a few meetings or projects.  

How well does the community know you?
It’s great to improve the community. It’s even better when the community knows you’re doing it. Spread the word — and boost recruiting, project attendance and Kiwanis brand knowledge.

Try this:
• Create a signature project. Get ideas at  
• Tap into the Kiwanis family brand. See
• Work with local media. See how at


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