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Jack Brockley | May 31, 2019

Cool Dog: Wyatt enjoys his fame as Columbus, Ohio’s “coolest dog.”

One of the primary reasons Kiwanis magazine prints a story is to inspire other clubs to adapt the idea for their own communities. Here are three recent examples: 

A Greencastle, Indiana, middle school student awaits good fortune or bad from the Wheel of Life.

Reality Experience. After the publication’s June/July 2018 issue hit subscribers’ mailboxes, the editors received quite a few inquiries from clubs that were interested in teaching local teens about the economic facts of life. Every year, the Greencastle, Indiana, Kiwanis Club sets up a series of booths where eighth-grade students learn about banking, insurance, health and decisions that they’ll soon be making. Sedan or sports car? Buy or rent a home? Married or single? Children? And what if the “Wheel of Misfortune” surprises you with unexpected medical bills, legal fees or you win the lottery?

A monarch butterfly feeds on a thistle flower. Paradise in Suburbia. Kiwanis magazine readers wrote letters of praise about the Hagerstown, Maryland, Kiwanis Club’s efforts to create a nature-loving park in the middle of a booming business park. In his interview, Hagerstown Kiwanian Fred Nugent was quick to credit Kiwanis facilities in New Brunswick and West Virginia. “They impressed the heck out of me,” he says. 

Coolest Dog. The Kiwanis Club of Columbus, Ohio, hit the jackpot when they used social media to tap into people’s love for their dogs and connect it to the booming craft brew trend. Online users paid to vote for their community’s coolest canine. The winner’s face was immortalized on a local brewer’s newest brew. Instead of meeting their US$20,000 goal, the club raised more than $53,000. 

This past May, the Kiwanis Club of Columbus, Meridian, Indiana, launched its Coolest Pet Contest, which is patterned after the Ohio Columbus club’s project. “Good ideas breed great ideas,” reports Dick Boyce of the Indiana club.

Look for more great Kiwanis service projects at the Kiwanis magazine blog.


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