| Apr 19, 2021

Most people will never join an organization like Kiwanis. Why? Simply because nobody ever asked them to. Here are some tips to easily invite friends, family and coworkers using social media:

  • Post about Kiwanis on any of the social networks you use, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And don’t forget about your professional network on LinkedIn!
  • Share photos of fellowship and service from club projects rather than meetings, which often photograph as boring and stale.
  • Tell your personal story. Why is serving kids with Kiwanis so important to you? How has helping kids changed your life?
  • Whenever possible, talk about the impact on your community. Include numbers (“Our club helped feed 75 families today!”) and reactions (“One of the children told us today was his favorite day ever.”) to give others a better idea of how much you’ve helped kids in your area.
  • Invite people to send you a direct message if they’re interested or they have questions. Some may be shy about commenting on a public post.
  • When inviting via social media, offer upfront to be prospective members’ "buddy" at events —whether in-person or virtual — to introduce them to current members and make sure they feel welcome. Already knowing someone in the club makes a new environment less intimidating.
  • Not sure what else to share on social media? Check out for ready-made social media posts, graphics and videos you can use.
  • Follow Kiwanis International on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn for ideas on what to post. Anything on Kiwanis’ channels can be reshared to your own.  

Want more ideas? Check out our list of Facebook tips for members and clubs.


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