It's World Mental Health Day

Michelle Study-Campbell | Oct 10, 2019

For Kiwanis International, our youth protection initiative is a multi-faceted approach to ensure our youth members have the information, resources and support they need to make the best choices and to fully realize their potential as leaders for today and tomorrow. One piece of our initiative is cultivating a culture of care among our youth members, from K-Kids to Key Club.

As we build out our youth protection program, we are incorporating information and resources about mental health, including anti-bullying resources, upstander training and more. Today’s youth are combating myriad negative and destructive messages, so it is critical to work to counteract with positive messaging and opportunities for youth to be a positive light and example for their peers and the communities where they live, play and go to school.

October 10 is World Mental Health Day, a day where across the globe we pause and acknowledge that mental health is a critical component to overall well-being and health. Every 40 seconds someone loses their life to suicide; almost 800,000 lives are lost globally each year.

The World Health Organization and other global health organizations are focusing on suicide prevention during 2019 World Mental Health Day.

For young people around the globe, we encourage you to practice kindness, be a support for your friends and stamp out loneliness.

For our adult leaders and members, we encourage you to be aware of the signs of depression in youth and adults, facilitate connections among your students so that all feel included, share resources to parents and caregivers and know where to get help in your community.

As Kiwanians on a mission to serve the children of the world, we can also be a support to our community and our youth members by creating a caring, safe space where all of our members can thrive.


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