Key Leader gets special visitor

Curtis Billue | Oct 01, 2019

Key Leader attendees and Kiwanis International President Daniel Vigneron write personal messages for one another.

Parents, students and members of the Kiwanis family traveled from the far reaches of Kansas to attend the 15th annual Key Leader at the Rock Springs camp in Junction City. But this Key Leader event drew people from beyond the state’s boundaries as well.

Lead facilitator Tracey Devereaux traveled from Nova Scotia. That’s really far. But someone else beat him on total miles traveled. Kiwanis International President Daniel Vigneron, from Howald, Luxembourg, arrived in Kansas via Paris for a weekend of learning and fun.

Students received the principles of servant leadership through the weekend. Vigneron participated in and absorbed the story-filled teaching during the leadership training, pointing out that all young people should have this type of experience.

Kiwanis International Trustee Dave Hurrelbrink, Kiwanis Children’s Fund Trustee Robert Maxwell and Kansas District representatives were delighted to have Vigneron join the Key Leader program and gave him a warm Kansas welcome.


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