Kiwanis camps around the world introduce kids to the outdoors

| May 03, 2021


Camps let kids be kids — and teach them valuable skills, like leadership, teamwork and the value of the great outdoors. From America’s Pacific Northwest to Switzerland to Romania, here are just a few examples.

Since the 1930s, the Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp in Oregon — founded by the Montvilla Kiwanis Club — has provided a welcoming environment for kids with disabilities. The 22-acre campsite allows campers to enjoy the outdoors with wheelchair-accessible trails and adaptive horseback riding equipment.


The Kiwanis District Foundation of Switzerland sponsors an annual weeklong summer camp for about 50 teens and young adults from all over Europe in a different country each year. Students develop leadership skills, practice their English, play sports and learn about other cultures.

As implied by its name, the Kiwanis Fresh Air Camp gives kids from low-income families the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. The camp, created by the Kiwanis Club of Knoxville in Tennessee, leads campers in crafts and sports and provides three nutritious meals per day. 

Looking for more examples of Kiwanis camps? Check out “Camping with the ‘K’” from the Kiwanis magazine archives.


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