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| Apr 13, 2021

Kiwanis Childrens Fund

The Kiwanis Children’s Fund is a big part of the Kiwanis family’s international impact. Thanks to Children’s Fund grants, Kiwanians change kids’ lives — in their own communities and a world away.  

The fundraising and grantmaking arm of Kiwanis International, the Children’s Fund supports club, district and international projects.  It’s an organization — and an impact — to be proud of. In fact, every Kiwanian should know about it.  

That’s why the Children’s Fund recently introduced the Ready-Made Meeting kit. Packed with information and activities, the kit is designed to help clubs structure a meeting around the Children’s Fund and all it does. It’s a ready-made way to show members how they can extend their impact, develop fundraising skills and more.

What’s included in the Ready-Made Meeting kit?

  • “Together, we do more.” A short video to kick off your meeting with information and inspiration regarding the Children’s Fund and the power of Kiwanis. 
  • Because Kiwanians Care photo cards. Each has an accompanying story to read with your club about an inspiring project that the Children’s Fund supported.
  • Rumor vs. Reality. A fun way to discuss misconceptions about the Children’s Fund and learn the truth about what we do.   
  • Ask an Expert. Tips from Children’s Fund staff for fundraising, grant applications, membership growth and more — all the ways we can help your club!  
  • “A Camp that Matters.” A video about one Kiwanis club’s four-day summer camp, which makes a yearlong difference — in a part of rural Georgia where one in three children live in poverty.  

More digital resources to answer these questions:

  • How can my club get organized for our fundraising efforts?  
  • How can I make sure our donors feel appreciated? 
  • Can the Kiwanis Children’s Fund help manage a club foundation — or even help us start one?  
  • How do I develop an impressive grant proposal?  
  • How do we pull off a fun and effective fundraising event? 
  • Can the Children’s Fund help us strengthen our membership? 
  • How can I best get the word out about our fundraising event?
  • How can my club develop a project that funders want to support? 

All of this and more is available online at


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