Kiwanis International Council to elect Kiwanis International officers, board members

| Jun 17, 2020

The Kiwanis International Board of Trustees voted Wednesday, June 17, to convene the Kiwanis International Council to conduct the necessary business of the organization due to the cancellation of the 2020 Kiwanis International Convention. The council meeting will be held Saturday, July 25, 2020. The meeting will be in-person and online for those unable to travel to Indianapolis, Indiana.  

The Kiwanis International Council consists of the Board of Trustees, past Kiwanis International presidents, current district governors, the Kiwanis International-European Federation president and Kiwanis Asia-Pacific chair. The council members will elect the 2020-21 president, president-elect, vice president, three trustees representing the United States and Pacific Canada and one at-large trustee to the Kiwanis International Board. Announced candidates for those leadership positions can be reviewed here.

The Kiwanis International Board withdrew seven bylaws amendments and one resolution regarding a bylaw's modernization revision that the House of Delegates was scheduled to vote on at the 2020 Kiwanis International Convention. (Those amendments and resolutions can be viewed here.) The decision on how to handle these matters will be made later.   

Council members will vote on several memorial resolutions to honor five Kiwanis International past presidents who have died since the previous House of Delegates. They are Dr. John Button (2014-15), Frank DiNoto (1986-87), Anton “Tony” Kaiser (1987-88), Raymond Lansford (1984-85) and Florencio “Poly” Lat (2018-19).

A livestream of the council meeting will be available for all Kiwanis members to watch. Broadcast details will be shared through email, and our social media channels.  

The Kiwanis International Board last convened council to conduct the annual business of Kiwanis International in 1944 and 1945 during World War II. Other councils have been convened throughout the years to confer with and advise the board.


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