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Jennifer Morlan | May 30, 2019

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For more than 80 years, the Kiwanis Children’s Fund has helped Kiwanis members and clubs improve the lives of children near and far. From feeding hungry children to empowering teens to become leaders of tomorrow to fighting world health crises, the Children’s Fund amplifies the Kiwanis impact beyond what any one member or club could do.  

The Children’s Fund helps serve children by focusing on causes Kiwanians are passionate about: 

Youth leadership development. The Kiwanis family is helping build a stronger generation of leaders and service volunteers — from elementary students to adults with disabilities. Thanks to grants from the Children’s Fund, members of programs such as Key Club and Circle K are providing thousands of hours of service to their communities.  

Meeting community needs. The Children’s Fund helps Kiwanis clubs and districts address the needs of children in their communities. We provide grants for Kiwanis-led service projects that focus on health, education and youth leadership development and work with clubs to make sure the projects provide long-term benefits for their communities. 

Disaster relief. We make sure that when disaster strikes, the Kiwanis family can respond. While others are forced to wait for funding and aid, Kiwanis clubs and districts can hit the ground running. They are often part of the community that has been affected — and are better able to assess the most urgent needs of children and families affected. 

The Eliminate Project. In 2010, Kiwanis partnered with UNICEF to fight maternal and neonatal tetanus, a deadly yet preventable disease. Once we eliminate MNT in the remaining countries, where more than 30,000 babies still die each year, we will sustain the Kiwanis family’s efforts — so that this painful and deadly disease never returns. 

Iodine deficiency disorders. In 1994, Kiwanis International and the Kiwanis International Foundation (now the Kiwanis Children’s Fund) teamed with UNICEF to address the leading preventable cause of mental disabilities: iodine deficiency. To date, we’ve helped raise more than US$100 million to give millions of children the chance to live healthy, happy and productive lives. We continue to sustain these efforts worldwide today. 

The Children’s Fund has received the highest rating given by Charity Navigator, the largest independent charity evaluator in the United States, and has received a Silver star for transparency from GuideStar and has been named an Accredited Charity by the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance. The latter recognition is granted to only 1,500 of the 1,500,000 nonprofits in the US. 

Staffed by nonprofit experts, the Children’s Fund also shares its fundraising and nonprofit management expertise with Kiwanis clubs, districts and foundations.


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