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Vicki Hermansen | Feb 05, 2019

Kids in New Zealand benefit from being Terrific Kids

Kids in New Zealand benefit from being Terrific Kids thanks to the Kiwanis Club of Drury. The club sponsors the program in three local elementary schools, working with teachers to identify children who could benefit most.  

“Essentially we are targeting children who do not usually win the sporting and/or academic awards, but have shown other exceptional qualities such as thoughtfulness, perseverance, respect for others, reliability and other aspects of good citizenship,” says Stella Penn, a member of the Drury club.  

Teachers help identify the students and say the children enjoy receiving the Terrific Kids awards. Recently the children were given a certificate, a Terrific Kids pencil and sticker and a $10 book voucher.

Terrific Kids programs promote character development in elementary school students, teaching leadership and life skills. It’s easy to start a club. Click here for details.  

The Kiwanis Club of Drury focuses on working on community children’s projects. 


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