Mindfulness tips to help parents survive summer

Lisa Pyron | Jul 08, 2019

International Day of Happiness

For kids in most of the northern hemisphere, school’s out for summer. That means different things for different kids. It could mean lazy days at home, activity-packed hours or starting the perfect summer job. But for the kids, it’s all good because there’s no school.  

Parents, however, experience summer break quite differently. Without school in session, there’s a lot of free time to fill for the kids. The change of schedule combined with the expectation of organizing the perfect summer experience can nudge even the calmest parent into stress mode.

Stress is a part of life. We can’t ignore it or run away from it, but we can learn to manage our response to stressors. Stress happens when we focus on everything but the present moment. When we anticipate what might happen (worry) or focus on the past (regret), stress takes hold.  

According to the latest research in Neuroscience, being Mindful and learning to stay in the present moment and appreciate all that’s happening here and now is one of the antidotes to stress. Through Mindfulness practice we learn to be present and allow life to unfold moment by moment without making judgment. And there’s more great news. Because the brain is neuroplastic, we can conduct Mindfulness practices and re-wire the brain’s neuropathways, mastering better emotional regulation. If we do this, we feel more optimistic, think more clearly, feel more connected to others and do better at responding instead of reacting.  

Mindful meditation can be done anywhere at any time. Try these free guided meditations for adults, teens and children. The whole family can take part.


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