Music and the comedian

| Feb 04, 2020

 French comedian Smaïn

With its 20-year run, the Wine and Products Expo has been a long-standing tradition for the Kiwanis Club of Laval, France. This past year, however, a concert featuring a popular comedian and an accomplished musician brought extra attention to the club’s signature project.

Smaïn, one of the nation’s top comedians, narrated the performances of “Peter and the Wolf” and “The Carnival of the Animals,” which were conducted by Philippe Dalarun, president of the European Union of Music Schools. In attendance were 700 guests and 200 special guests: children with disabilities.

“For some years now, Smaïn has been traveling around France as narrator of these two musicals,” says club Secretary Michel Lemeunier. “Several Kiwanis clubs expressed interest in the possibility of a ‘tour’ of clubs in France as ‘godfather’ of the France-Monaco District’s Rare Diseases campaign.”

The comedian was receptive to the idea, writing, “Yes, I am interested in more ways than one, because everything related to childhood is very dear to me.”

“The Laval club decided to lead the way, putting together a high quality concert for the children, while also generating publicity that has been beneficial for raising awareness of our club and our actions,” 2018-19 President Loïc Lucas says. “The concert was a huge success.”

The audience’s response was so strong that Smaïn delayed his planned return train ride to Paris in order to eat and take photos with the children after the concert.

“Smaïn sent us an email,” Lucas says. “He wrote: ‘A big thank-you. This event left me with profound memories of human and fraternal encounters.’”


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