Ohio Kiwanis club wins $25,000 from Landscape Structures, Kiwanis

| Jun 15, 2018

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current conditions Delano, Minn. (June 19, 2018) — When Marcia Stewart learned the Kiwanis Club of Marietta, Ohio, had won new playground equipment, she was speechless and teary-eyed.

“This award is going to be such a boost,” Stewart said. “We're so grateful to be able to spearhead this inclusive playground project.”

Stewart managed the Marietta club’s entry in the 5th annual Legacy of Play contest and accepted the call announcing the playground award. Landscape Structures and Kiwanis International have sponsored the contest for five years; the winning club receives playground equipment valued at US$25,000.

The Marietta club plans to renovate the community’s nearly 30-year-old playstructure to make it inclusive for the entire community, giving children of all abilities a safe environment to gather outside to socialize, grow and play.

A panel of judges reviewed 10 entries and agreed that the Kiwanis Club of Marietta, in collaboration with the city of Marietta and local organizations including the Marietta and Waterford Key Clubs, submitted the winning plan, describing how Landscape Structures’ equipment could help develop what will be known as the Northwest Territory Community Playground.

Marietta, Ohio, is a historic, charming riverboat town nestled in the rolling hills of the Mid-Ohio Valley. The city served as the starting point for westward expansion by early pioneers and is marked by an intricate pattern of brick streets, cascading flower-adorned lampposts and the Victorian skyline of its vibrant downtown.

The design of the all-inclusive Northwest Territory Community Playground will pay tribute to the first settlement in the Northwest Territory. From themed and inclusive playground equipment, embedded historical facts and an artifact seek-and-find activity, adults and children in the community will have the opportunity to learn about the area.

“This is going to raise the roof off this city. We've had several snags along the way, and now we are so ready. And this project is going to be awesome! You'll never know how much this means to the club and the community,” said Stewart.

“On behalf of Landscape Structures, I would like to congratulate the Kiwanis Club of Marietta, Ohio, on winning the Legacy of Play contest,” said Pat Faust, president of Landscape Structures. “We look forward to working with the club members and the community of Marietta to bring to life their dream of creating a fun, educational and inclusive playground that will welcome children and families of all abilities.”

The Legacy of Play Contest began in 2013 to encourage Kiwanis clubs to bring play and playgrounds to communities around the world. Landscape Structures and Kiwanis International believe that playgrounds are gathering spaces to bring communities together to learn, have fun and connect. Landscape Structures, headquartered in Delano, Minn., is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of commercial playground equipment. Kiwanis International, headquartered in Indianapolis, Ind., is a global organization of members of all ages, dedicated to serving the children of the world.

“Kiwanis International is delighted to award the Kiwanis Club of Marietta $25,000 in playground equipment to help build a new inclusive playground,” said 2017-18 Kiwanis International President Jim Rochford. “Kids need Kiwanis, and this playground will give children of all abilities the opportunity to play together, and become a welcome destination point for families and children.”

The Marietta Kiwanis club will complete its inclusive playground project on or around Kiwanis One Day in October 2019. Kiwanis One Day is Kiwanis International’s signature day of service during which many clubs participate in service projects benefiting their communities. To find a Kiwanis club near you, go to

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