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Julie Saetre | Aug 02, 2019

Electric cars will take children to the operating room, a happy distraction before surgery.

Being in the hospital, even for a short time, is stressful enough for adults. For children and teens, it can be even worse. That’s why two Kiwanis clubs in France have supported a variety of projects that make hospital visits less scary for kids, whether they’re patients themselves or are accompanying family members. 

The Kiwanis Club of Moulins recently partnered with Maxi Toys and the Leclerc superstore to provide two electric cars for young patients at the Moulins-Yzeure Hospital Center. The cars accompany children to the operating room, providing a happy distraction before surgery. The three partners also donated a games table for the pediatric ward.

This past year, Moulins Kiwanians gave the hospital center funds to create a cozy children’s corner in the emergency room’s waiting area. There, kids can take their minds off the hectic surroundings while relaxing on comfortable furniture and watching television, playing games, reading books and coloring.

Meanwhile, the Kiwanis Club of Moulins Femmes en Bourbonnais reaches out to patients in Moulins-Yzeure’s psychiatry unit for children and adolescents. Many of the children are dealing with attachment disorders or autism.

In May of this year, Femmes en Bourbonnais members provided funds to support a “clown workshop” by Frédérique de Givry, who has worked with children and adolescents for more than a decade. Coordinating with each patient’s care team, she helps children develop relationship skills through games, improvisation, songs and more.

The Femmes en Bourbonnais club also has donated funds for a program to help teenage patients become more independent through enhancing daily social skills, such as dining out at restaurants and ordering meals. And they supported the creation of a family room where kids can relax in a soothing environment while working on skill development and bonding with others.


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